Weekly Activities in the Tamil Sangam Luxembourg and it's activities.

Program Schedule for Tamil Classes and Coding Sessions

Venue:  Hall Sportif, Rue des Ecoles, 4994, Schouweiler (Map)

Tamil Class Timing:

# Day Activity Name Start Time End Time
1 Sunday Tamil Language Class (< 6 Years) 15:00 16:00
2 Sunday Tamil Language Class (> 6Years) 15:00 16:00

Brain Train Fun Coding Class Timing:

# Day Activity Name Start Time End Time
1 Sunday Brain Train Fun Codinig Class (Pupa 8-11 Years) 09:00 11:30
2 Sunday Brain Train Fun Codinig Class (Caterpillar 5-7 Years) 11:30 13:00

Brain Train Fun Coding Class Details: 

Dear distinguished members,

We are extremely grateful to have received your feedback and thoughtful suggestions regarding kids Coding sessions through the survey. Based on the feedback, we are delighted to announce that "Brain Train Fun Coding" classes will commence from Nov 15th taking into account all precautionary measures regarding social distancing and government guidelines.

We request you to register using the online registration link below and complete the payment formalities via bank transfer post online registration.

Registration: Please click here to register 

Details: Please click here for Brain Train Coding Lessons details

Course Fees: Payment for workshops should be made via bank transfer after registration.

Account number IBAN LU08 0019 5155 9267 2000
Bank - BCEE, BIC code - BCEELULL,
Transaction Purpose: Coding class - Student Name - Optional Message.

The attached flyer and registration link contains information regarding class schedule, venue and fee structure. Registered students will have to bring their own laptop (Tablet or Touchscreen laptop preferred for Caterpillar group). TSL will take care of robotic kits, wifi and other logistics as required by the course. For more queries please write to us at or feel free to call us +352-691-601-521.

For the academic year 2020-21, the course is divided into 3 trimesters. Each Trimester has 5 lessons. Timetable for first trimester is given below

Course Flyer
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